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Defense Industry

Our lawyers and experts possess in-depth experience and closely work with clients to help them achieve their most desired objectives.

Our services:

Counsel on disputes related to contract payments
Provide legal support regarding rebate issues and any related civil and criminal cases

Representative Matters 화살표 화살표
  • · Advised a defense company on export of strategic goods
  • · Advised an overseas defense contractor on trade-offs
  • · Participated in negotiating the terms and conditions of a large-scale weapon system project for an overseas defense contractor
  • · Advised and litigated an application for exemption from late payment penalties on behalf of a defense contractor
  • · Represented a defense contractor in litigation to revoke its debarment from defense contracts
  • · Defended defense contractor in corruption investigation and audit response
  • · Advised and litigated a defense contractor on the recoupment of unjustified profits and surcharges
  • · Advised an overseas defense contractor on the establishment of a Korean subsidiary and consultant arrangements
  • · International arbitration for an overseas military contractor on a claim for payment for goods related to contract termination
  • · Advised and litigated a military contractor on the cancellation of a bid in a two-stage multiple-source competition
  • · Criminal proceedings against arms brokers and others for violation of the Military Secrets Protection Act
  • · Advised on M&A of defense companies
  • · Reviewed domestic issues related to business combinations between overseas defense companies
  • · Advised on the scope of liability attribution in connection with business transfer of a defense company
  • · Media arbitration case involving major media coverage of a defense contractor
  • · Advised on the issue of second-hand goods purchased from foreign companies and applied to the Defense Ombudsman of the National Human Rights Commission
  • · Advised on issues related to the selection of an external contractor for cost calculation of a research center and applied for an ombudsman
  • · Review of laws regarding the business and operation of mutual aid associations
  • · International litigation on enforcement of foreign procurement arbitration awards
  • · Media arbitration, criminal defamation, damages, and delay compensation in connection with exploration and development projects
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